We understand how much a drain or sewer problem can affect your business. There’s little time to search for a plumber who has

the right equipment and who provides fast response times. At Vegas Drain Cleaning  you get both. We have commercial drain cleaning equipment stocked on every truck, so we will be ready when you need us.  Getting to you quickly is our top priority.

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PowerSnake Services

Vegas Drain Cleaning service works by using an electro-mechanical machine with a flexible steel cable or snake that rotates through your pipes with an attached blade. The blade helps dislodges blockages that occur inside of your commercial drain pipes. Our PowerSnake service is used for almost all initial responses to clogged drains. It’s a fast and economical way of purging the clogged pipe, which allows the water to drain. And that means you’ll be washing, rinsing and flushing again in no time.

Water Jetting Services

Our system powers through sludge and debris, penetrates and emulsifies grease, cuts out hardened scale, and pulverizes roots. Our customers are left with drains so clean, they look like new. Stubborn clogs and recurring blockages are no match for our powerful, high-pressure water jetting services. Traditional mechanical snake or rooter services may just punch a hole through the blockage rather than completely clear the line, but Jetting service is like power washing the inside of your commercial drain lines! It’s the difference between a good-for-today fix and a lasting solution to chronic drain problems.

Drain Cleaning After Care

Keeping commercial drains flowing smoothly can only happen with proper care and maintenance. After a clogged drainline has been cleared, either by cable or  Jetting service, it’s important that the drain line is treated with either a bacteria and enzyme product, a drain degreaser or a tree root inhibitor, depending on the cause of the clog. See out products page for more information about  Bio Clean™, and RootX®